What is Phizifit?

“Phizifit is an online platform to help encourage primary school children to get more active by undertaking a series of fun, cross-curricular, and interactive challenges.”

Phizifit for Schools

Phizifit for schools is an innovative online platform that empowers teachers to provide their pupils with a range of activities that support cross-curricular learning whilst embedding the principles that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Teachers can track the progress of individual children allowing for more personalised support and ‘deep dive’ learning, and compile reports for evidencing school interventions and measuring impact against specified objectives (such as Sports Premium). 

These measures directly influence real-world behaviour change within schools, homes, and communities, improving learning and impacting public health. 

The platform provides a key link with a child’s home environment, supporting remote teaching and communication with families. This allows for the provision continued and joined up education during periods of school disruption, as experienced during the lockdown. 

Our Packages

The Class Challenges Package

Personal logins for all teachers.

Active, cross-curricular class challenges.

Downloadable class certificates.

£49.99 /per year

The Personal Challenges Package

Personal logins for all children and teachers.

Active, cross-curricular challenges to attempt at school and at home.

Downloadable personal certificates.

£99.99 /per year

The Phizifit Premium School Package

We set up all accounts.

Personal logins for all children and teachers.

Active, cross-curricular personal challenges.

Downloadable personal certificates.

Class challenges.

Downloadable class certificates.

Teacher Dashboard.

Track the progress of all students.

Evidence activity levels at home and at school.

Celebrate success in school assemblies.

*Option to further upgrade accounts to include individual classes (£24.99).


£249.99 /per year

Free Trial

Personal login for one trial user.

Active, cross-curricular challenges to attempt at school and at home.

Downloadable certificates.

FREE /per year

How does Phizifit benefit schools?

  • It is an innovative and effective way to motivate children to be more active, learn about healthy lifestyles and promote positive physical and mental wellbeing.
  • It complements and leads to a deeper understanding of the wider curriculum.
  • It tracks the progress and activity levels of children.
  • The program has been developed in collaboration with other specialists in education, fitness and mental health to meet the requirements of the 2019 Schools OFSTED Inspection Framework.
  • It is an excellent and effective way of using Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding to increase inclusiveness in physical education and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • It helps School Games Award applications to show an increase in competitive sports as well as providing personal challenges to children.

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